Clipping Path Services: Get Quality Clipping Path Service at Lowest Price.

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Clipping path / silo Contour cut

Isolating images (clipping path / silo contour cut)

Normally we deliver handmade clipping path with every shoots embedded. But we also provide Alpha Channel Embedded, Layer Mask, Transparent Layer etc as your production required.

Removing dolls/mannequins and adjustment of inserts in cloth images

Clothes are shot by putting them over a mannequin, to give more professional look and appearance; we remove the dolls, and provide only clothes in retouched images as web shop ready.

Cheaper than doing it yourself.

Our prices Vary Between $ 0.49 and $ 10.00, Depending on the degree or complexity of the image to be cilpped.Our average price is around $ 2.50.

Quick delivery (within 1 to 24 hours).

Normally we maintain a 24-hour deadline for jobs up to around 500 easy and medium images. For bigger jobs (larger or more complex file formats images), we might need a bit more time; approximately 48 hours. On the other hand, smaller jobs are ready often within 16 hours!


Adding shadows, Adding mirror effects etc. will help you to create new shadow effect or recreation any kind of shadows.



Creating web-ready images

For web-shop owners we introduce our additional delivery of web-ready images. Add the specifications like size 800x800 px and crop images, and will deliver web-ready images.



Alpha layer or layer mask embeded

At you can ask Alpha Channel and Layer Mask embedded for your product shots without any extra cost!



Clipping path with contour cutting settings

Specially for large format poster printing & cutting company, Metrodesk offers cutting ready image delivery, within their industry specific solutions.